Cheers To Life Foundation

About Us

Cheers to Life Foundation is a registered NGO (s/1853) which is formed by a group of individuals who have come together for a common cause to fight against Cancer. Our aim is to make people aware of the various aspects of the disease, provide them information about the treatments available, and other supportive therapies. We have a simple vision which is to support, empathize with cancer patients and believe in “OVERCOMING CANCER - CELEBRATING LIFE”.The harsh reality is that cancer is at a rise; almost 1350 people die of cancer every day out of which 50 are children and the number is going to be doubled in next 10 year . Cheers to Life Foundation believes that cancer could be defeated by awareness, prevention, healthy living and corrective nutrition. Our focus is to educate people from all the sectors of the society on cancer awareness and prevention and to support people who are battling cancer.

Our aim is to elucidate people with the help of doctors and holistic therapies to minimize the side effects of the treatment to maximize the survival rate. CTLF team has taken number of initiatives in past to bring people together in the fight against cancer and spread message on awareness and raise charity for people who are in desperate need of help. Cheers to Life has organized various group discussions, workshops and charity events with renowned doctors and experts from different fields to bring people’s attention on causes of cancer and equip people with necessary knowledge to keep cancer at bay. Also via these workshops we try to enhance the quality of life during and after treatment by providing physical, moral and follow up support to build up the confidence to face every day challenges.